If traveling is your way of life ... or maybe it's your job? How often did you take your baggage at the airport and you thought it would be good to check if you turned off the light at home? Or, returning from a business trip on a hot evening, did you reflect on how great it would be to turn on the air conditioner before you came in your apartment? SAVVY will translate into reality what yesterday did not seem possible. With the help of several compact devices you can look into your home from anywhere in the world at any time and always be sure that everything is fine inside. Smart home, comfort, a new lifestyle.





  • Make sure you turned off electric devices 

  • Make sure your doors are locked

  • Turn on air conditioning before coming home



Make your office smart and safe. No need to be worry about your office anymore. SAVVY will help you to monitor, control and direct get notification incase of any unexpected movements. With SAVVY things no need to be worry that someone forgot to switch of lights. You can switch it of from your home to save the energy or simply put timer for the light and it will be off automatically 




  • Check on turned off lights after everyone quit the office

  • Lock and unlock the doors

  • Monitor wok process



Help your parents enter easy and comfortable life with SAVVY Smart home. With SAVVY things you can give your hand anytime, no matter how far you are. Monitor home of your parents, let them feel more safe and more secure and let them enjoy the facilities of SAVVY smart home system and by one bottom on SAVVY control panel switch on/off the light, TV, ACE or anything what they are used to use without unnecessary movements

  • Make your parents feel secure 

  • Help them to control their home

  • Monitor their life