Door lock 1.JPG

Product Model:                          SDL-1

Product Name:                          800 Watchdog

Material:                                      Aluminum alloy

Exterior Lock Body Size:          L: 334 * W: 79 * H: 80 (mm)

Operating Voltage Range:       4.0-6.0V

Battery:                                       4pcs AA alkaline battery

Interior Lock Body Size:            L: 334 * W: 79 * H: 80 (mm)

Uso Occasions:                          Home, office building etc.

Applicable Door Type:               Wooden door, Metal door

Operating Temperature:           20 - 50◦C

Applicable Door Thickness:      40 – 100mm (adjustable)

Operating Humidity:                  <93%

 Key Capacity:                             Capacity for card, password, fingerprint and remote control is 1000

 Unlock Method:                         SAVVY App, password, smart card, fingerprint and key

 Available colors:                      Gold and silver